Tips for Life In Color: REBIRTH, Cedar Rapids 2013


Life in Color Tips: REBIRTH, Cedar Rapids 2013 | //The Blog. KD* via @davidlamlu #TheBlogKD

With my sister at Life in Color!

I went to Life in Color this weekend and it was fantastic fun! Basically, it’s an electronic dance music dance party. But with Paint. This was the first time I went to anything like this and LIC is on tour now so below is a list of things that might be helpful for those of you who are preparing for a color-splash-filled night.

WHAT TO BRING – You don’t need much. Everything should fit in your hands or pockets.
Essentials: Ticket, ID, $20-$40, Ziplock bags, Phone, Friends.
Optional: Goggles, a Hand towel, Water bottle. Draw string bag.
Not To Bring: Backpack, Glow sticks, Drugs (Fair warning: people were arrested at the gate).

Buy from student brand reps for much less than online. If you wait long enough and check the multiple Facebook groups, you can get tickets for as low as $25 on the day of. Buy the VIP tickets. You get a bag, shirt, CD, paint bottle, glasses, and coupon for not much more than General Admissions – they’ll come in handy at the event. Some reps sell the VIP bundled with Bus tickets for the same price as a General Admission ticket + service charge online.

Drink lots of water before leaving and bring a bottle of water to chug before the event. You’ll need it.

Go to the restrooms before you leave. It’s crowded there.

In Iowa City, there was a 6PM, 7PM and 8PM bus shuttle. Figure out how long it takes to get to the site and get there early for the bus. There are shuttle buses and party buses. If the bus is marked as “so-and-so’s party bus,” then it’s not your bus – don’t rush with the crowd, just wait for the shuttle. When the shuttle does come – Charge!

Paint-proof your car by taping trash bags to the seats. The paint should clean off with some soap but you still want to prevent as much from getting on your car as possible. Bring some towels and a dry shirt to leave in your car for when you get back from the paint party.

Go with friends, it’s more fun. I went with my sister and two friends. When you get tired of jumping up and down, you’ll look at each other and BAM, energy restored.

Do not wash the paint clothes with your other laundry. Even if you rinsed most the paint off before hand like I did. The paint washes off – for the most part. It’ll leave a pink tint to your clothes. The problem is that it’ll also splotch on to whatever clothing is cleaned with it… I now have pink stains on shirts, pants, underwear and unfortunately, my dress pants… but hey! I now have a nice pair of pants for any occasion! Not just formal events! πŸ˜€

Thinking back, perhaps wear two or three t-shirts. Then when you’re done, you can take off the outer layers. You won’t be as soaked, sticky or cold.

Men – especially if you’re tall – seriously.

For your phone and other essentials, bring them in ziplock bags. I recommend the Slide Seal Zip Bags. They’re easier to control when your hands are all slippery and sticky with paint. You can use your touchscreens through the bag as well.

Don’t bring a backpack. It’s too big and they won’t let you bring it in. Invest in a cheap draw string bag if you want one. Everything you need should fit in one zip lock bag or cargo pants.

Ski goggles, chemistry goggles, Swim goggles – bring something for your eyes. You don’t really need them though – they’re just fun to have.

If you wear glasses, bring goggles. Otherwise don’t wear them – Or bring a small hand towel to wipe off the paint. The paint is greasy and will prevent you from seeing things.

Glow Sticks
You can’t bring these in. They search and have you throw them out. So don’t even try.

FYI, people will smoke in the crowd.

Don’t wear super nice shoes. Whatever you do wear, clean them immediately after getting home. Otherwise the paint will soak in and be difficult to remove. I don’t recommend flimsy flip-flops since you’ll be stepping over beer bottles and other things people throw on the ground during the event.

Wear white, it shows up better.

Front Stage
Move towards the front – near the end of the concert. You’ll be drenched in paint if you move towards the front. It’s really fun but you’ll be freezing all night if you’re drenched immediately.

Dance Space
People will be bumping, grinding and shoving throughout the dance floor. Push them back and create some space for yourself and whoever’s with you. Be assertive!

Most Important: HAVE FUN!!! Haha, YOLO right?
If you’ve been to Life in Color or similar events, please add in any notes/advice that you have below! I’ll update the list as needed and cred you in the notes. P.L.U.R.

Life in Color Tips: REBIRTH, Cedar Rapids 2013 | //The Blog. KD* via @davidlamlu #TheBlogKD

09/28/2013 Cedar Rapids Life In Color

27 thoughts on “Tips for Life In Color: REBIRTH, Cedar Rapids 2013

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  2. Thanks for your info. This helps alot!
    This is the first time I go to one of these. I didn’t know what to expect.:)

  3. So I am super excited to be attending life in color and now my younger sister is wanting to come! and she is a year younger that the age that is required so I was wondering if they scanned ids…? if you could get back to me ASAP that would help ALOT! thank you.

    • Hi Maddison!

      Sorry – I don’t remember if they scanned ID’s. I’d tell her to wait a year and take her next time rather than trying to pass her through at the door.

      Have fun!

    • Oh I had a question, any tips on how to take photos? I usually use my phone so should it still work?

      • That’s a tough one. If you have a smartphone, it should work through your zip lock bag. But the bag might make it glossy, the flash won’t go through and the bag will probably also get paint on it.

        It was dark, wet and crowded so my pictures didn’t turn out well. I don’t have any additional advice on this. If you do come up with something, please come back and share your tips with us!

        — Regarding your bio glasses, I thought the same thing about my chem goggles! πŸ˜€

      • I keep a LifeProof case for emergencies; and this indeed is πŸ™‚ I hate the bulkiness of it year round, but I do put my phone in the case when it’s time for another LIC. Any water proof case should work just fine! I’ve successfully taken videos and photos each time. Hope this helped!

        -LIC Vet

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    • Sorry for the super late reply… I haven’t been on in a while. It was past 12pm. I believe my group left around 1am… that was when they brought the main DJ guy out. The music was amazing as we were leaving – but we were all cold and soaked so leaving was more enticing than staying.

  5. Here’s a crazy question. I would like to buy the ticket that comes with a bottle of paint and throw it all over my white car and drive to the event with a painted car. Is this a type of paint that will come off easily or is it pretty much permanent and then I’ll end up with a painted car forever?

    • Haha, that wasn’t an option at our event. I would assume that the paint would wash off – since it washed off my glasses. If the paint doesn’t cost much extra, you can try dabbing it on some metal or something to see if it comes off before pouring it on the car. If I were you, I wouldn’t invest in the paint. The event is in the stadium – not outside the stadium. Plus you’ll need to clean the car to get rid of the paint – including anything that may have gotten stuck in the paint as you were driving (dust, feather, leaves, etc.) – not worth it.

      • Thanks for the input on the painted car David. I really want to do this so I will attempt your suggestion, leave it on for a day or two and see if it will wash off easily.

  6. I was just wondering about drinking. do they let you bring alcohol in or do u have to buy it from them? how strict are they with your age and drinking? Should i drink before hand ?

    • Hi Jocelyn… I don’t remember if they sold alcohol there. They checked bags at the front though so I’d imagine they would not permit bringing alcohol in. If you’re asking about underage drinking – there are officers there to escort people out. Some people were wasted by the time they got to the door… make sure you’re among a group of trusted friends.

  7. If I give my tickets away to my sister and her friend does it matter that my name is on them saying
    Purchased by:
    I don’t want her to have a problem when she gets there and it says my name and not here’s

  8. What else is there to do at these events? I’m going in September and it says to show up at 6 (it’ll end at 11) but I don’t think it’s going to be 5 hours of paint the whole time? Or is it?

  9. I know this might sound silly but I bought white shorts that were $60 for the life in color rave specifically, they are called disco shorts with a fabric that is nylon spandex.. Do you think it would be a bad idea to wear these? I am planning on soaking and washing them immediately after the concert and bleaching them if necessary; but even if those procedures are taken will the tint you were explaining come out?

    Thank you for your time!

    • I would highly recommend you don’t wear those… maybe someone else who has similar clothing can weigh in on this. The tint does not come out and there are blotches here/there that are actual blotches of paint, not just tints in the fabric.

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